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Restoring Beauty, Renewing Hope



Recovery Program

The Alabaster residential, restoration and recovery program is holistic and comprehensive in addressing the issues in a woman’s life that have brought her to Alabaster. Internal, external, immediate and long term issues are addressed on a case by case basis, guided by one-on-one case management.

Elements that go into the schedule may include: Recovery groups, Life skills training, Counselling (with qualified counsellors), Prayer counselling (for those who want it), Medical supervision (with qualified medical professionals), Budgeting, Anger management, Behavioural issues, Emotional healing, Forgiveness, Conflict management, Addressing family relationship breakdown, Parenting skills, Restoration of self-esteem, Daily routine and self-care, Cooking, Cleaning, Communication skills, Motivational training, Assertiveness training, Leadership training

Other Program Elements

Fitness is a key element as it increases endorphins and improves mental and physical health. Recreational elements may also include from time to time: team sports, outings, art and craft, music, dance, drama, community services, camping, sight seeing.

Vocational Education and Training: Certificate III course in hospitality, work experience, workplace readiness and careers advice. Online study may be made available in certain cases.

We hope also to offer child care, age care and ESL, in time.

Independence Readiness: Preparation for independent living, including marriage preparation, placement into supportive community groups and churches and where possible, follow up after graduation.

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Program Graduation



As a participant moves through the phases of the program and she becomes more settled into community living and gains greater trust, she will receive greater responsibilities and opportunities.

The aim is to help her take back control of her own life and to determine her own goals for her future.

Where possible, we will tailor our program to cater for her future hopes. If that requires using outside resources, we will do what we can to arrange it. A participant will graduate the program with a certificate on completion of program elements which include such things as:

- Regaining independent control over her life and maintaining stability.

- Having a productive pathway to move forward with (such as employment or study etc.)

- There are recovery and life skills training elements.

- Some elements relate to nurturing and counselling according to needs.

- There are elements which include some study.

- and if she desires, and where possible, we may also assist her to gain her drivers licence and help her to acquire a car.


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