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Restoring Beauty, Renewing Hope
Luke 7:36-50


Our Mission


To provide a safe, residential environment within which women who wish to leave the sex industry can live, heal, grow and achieve their goal of living free of sex work, addiction and brokenness. To assist the women to gain healing from brokenness through loving community, counselling, therapy groups, life skills training and support to avoid old habits.

Our Program


The Alabaster residential, restoration and recovery program is holistic and comprehensive in addressing the issues in a woman's life that have brought her to Alabaster. The aim is to help her take back control of her life and to determine her own goals for her future.

Our Philosophy


Alabaster is a professional, Christian organisation. Our mandate is to share the love God has given to us, to live in community as family, sisters under our Heavenly Father. Without love, we are nothing. Clients do not have to be Christian to enter our program but we do ask them to keep an open mind about it and to join in all activities. Our staff, while mainly volunteers, are committed to best practice service delivery, continuous improvement and professional development.

Christian Philosophy


Alabaster is a Christian organisation. Our mandate is to share the love God has given to us through Jesus Christ, to live in community as family, sisters and brothers under our Heavenly Father. We believe that it is only through salvation in Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit and in relationship with one another that true wholeness and eternal hope can be found. We aim to walk and grow in love. This goes for staff, resident and visitor alike. Without love, we are nothing. A resident is not required to become a Christian to receive help from us, though we do strongly encourage Christian faith. Residents are welcome at Alabaster whatever religion they choose. Residents will be required to be present each day during Christian devotion times and prayers and to participate in recovery groups and skills development groups that are formulated from a Christian worldview.