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Rebuilding Lives, Renewing Hope
A women’s residential restoration and rehabilitation program


Our Mission


To provide a safe, residential environment within which women who wish to leave, or stay out of, the sex industry of Australia can live, heal, grow and achieve their goal of living free of sex work, addiction and brokenness. To assist the women to gain healing through a caring community, counselling, therapy groups and life skills training.
To provide means for the women to improve their qualifications and future opportunities through vacation based education, work experience and workplace readiness. To assist the women also experiencing cultural and linguistic disadvantages, who are from backgrounds of poverty and little education or who have been trafficked. To ensure the women leave us in a strong position to move forward in life, connected to supportive community groups.


Our Program

The Alabaster residential, restoration and recovery program is holistic and comprehensive in addressing the issues in a woman's life that have brought her to Alabaster. The aim is to help her take back control of her life and to determine her own goals for her future.