Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate and reveal the God-given identity and worth of broken lives and recovering addicts to themselves, to their families, and to society by removing barriers and providing opportunities to create a thriving home, family and life using a safe & loving community of support, mentorship, relationship, and resources.

Our Vision

Our vision for the world is to dramatically change lineages by breaking strongholds & generational cycles of dysfunction & trauma and replacing them with blessings & righteous inheritance.

Who We Are

gray concrete wall inside building
gray concrete wall inside building

Alabaster Community is a family where shattered pieces come together.

Who We Are

No one escapes troubles in life. For some, these troubles not only shatter their hearts, but hold their lives captive. We do not need to go far to see the carnage that sin of others and ourselves can cause. The woman behind us in the check out line. The man pumping gas next to our car. The homeless handicap at the redlight holding a sign, a sign of the broken pieces that are trapped inside. Many are prisoners of addiction. These are just some of the broken and shattered hearts all around us. And they cannot pick up the broken pieces alone. They need a family, a community- Alabaster Community.

Our Story

We began in spring 2022 with humble beginnings as a recovery moms support group called Alabaster Moms, and have grown into an Alabaster Community. We are a family, a safe nurturing place, where broken lives have an opportunity for holistic healing by addressing mind, body, and spirit. Alabaster is constructed from a God-given vision to become a family with multiple duplicable communities of both short and long term structured-living residences. Our first recovery home launches Spring 2024. Alabaster’s program design uses superior recovery resources for participants to root their lives in Jesus using a proven Christ-centered 12 step program and enriching Christ-based community support resources to ensure higher long-term recovery success that brings true healing, which only comes through Jesus Christ.

white and black abstract painting
white and black abstract painting

Our Leadership Team

Our strength lies in our community. Learn about our Alabaster Community team members here!


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