Transforming Lives

Empowering individuals to overcome trauma and create a positive legacy.

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to breaking generational cycles of dysfunction and trauma. Through our programs and services, we empower individuals to transform their lives and create a legacy of blessings and righteousness.

When you’re apart of Alabaster Community, you’re family. Our program is a safe structured place to reclaim life back from the shattered pieces of addiction, dysfunction, and the bondage of sin by rebuilding lives on the solid foundation of love through the power of Jesus Christ.

Recovery Life: three women holding hands up in the air
Recovery Life: three women holding hands up in the air

Free captives and prisoners from addiction and the bondage of sin through community, restorative discipleship, and empowerment strategies focused on breaking destructive cycles in the lives of our community members.

Our Purpose

Cultivate and reveal the God-given identity and worth of broken lives and recovering addicts to themselves, to their families, and to society by removing barriers and providing opportunities to create a thriving home, family and life using a safe & loving community of support, mentorship, relationship, and resources.

Our Mission

Dramatically change lineages by breaking strongholds & generational cycles of dysfunction & trauma and replacing them with blessings & righteous inheritance.

Our Vision

The Alabaster Community has been a lifeline for my family. They helped us break free from the cycle of dysfunction and provided the support we needed to create a better future.

-Terry M.



Studies have shown that as much as 68% of patients who participate in sober living communities for 12 month periods get and remain sober.

Residents who participate in long term treatment programs have shown a relapse rate of only 15%, compared to a 40% relapse rate in shorter, 30-day programs.

Roughly 80% of residents demonstrate improved quality of life and health after completing the program.

A faith-based program's participants are more likely to stay sober when compared to those who did not participate in a faith-based program.

84% of studies show that a faith-based grounding or component to recovery programs significantly improve outcomes.

person in red sweater holding babys hand
person in red sweater holding babys hand

Our Values

  • Success is achieved through spiritual, physical, and mental strengthening.

  • Identity is God-given, and the value of each person is as precious as the alabaster jar of perfume poured out on the feet of Jesus. Nothing can remove this value they hold inside.

  • Each person has a unique destiny woven inside that is needed by the world around them. They have been beautifully designed by God for a purpose and it is never too late to become what is created within them to be.

  • The key to lasting healing and sobriety lies in the hands of Jesus and our willingness to surrender our lives to Him. He is literally the answer to everything we need.

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