Addiction Recovery: The Forth Man


1/31/20243 min read

In the Fire of Addiction

“When the satraps, prefects, governors, and the king’s advisors gathered around they saw that the fire had no effect on the bodies of these men not a hair of their heads was singed their robes were unaffected and there was no smell of fire on them.”

They did not even smell like smoke...

There are people all around us living in a fiery furnace. Life and the world are burning them from the inside out. Sin, destruction, drugs, generational cycles, poverty, addiction, hopelessness, shame, and helplessness are chains that bind their prisoners and throw them into a fiery furnace. Some of these fires they created themselves. Some of these fires were created for them. Sometimes these captives were victims, but sometimes the captives fueled their own fire. Nonetheless they are captives tossed to die in the fire of life. And they are helpless to get themselves out. Their only hope is that someone will help them survive the fire. There has to be a Fourth Man.

Addiction Recovery and the Fourth Man

Jesus is that Fourth Man. Jesus lives within us, us who call ourselves believers. Christians. This means that we go walk with people in the fire, in the heat of the furnace, lest they burn while we watch with Jesus tucked safely in our hearts from afar. No, we are called to meet them there. They cannot walk through it alone and survive. Yet, when captives survive the fire. When addicts recover and walk in freedom. When parents get their kids back from the broken system that took them. When criminals become the advocate. When the poor become rich and sinners become saints. On the other side of that fire breathes a soul so pure from a fire so hot. The hotter the fire, the greater the opportunity for purity. The greater the purity, the greater the power. Power of God to move in ways many could only dream about. It doesn't matter who set the fire, it only matters that they survived and the purity that remains. Purity God wants to use to power His army- an army of society misfits (1 Sam 22:2). An Army like He built with King David. An army suitable and powerful enough for His Kingdom. Built from an unsuspecting remnant society has forgotten. But God did not. An army that does not even smell like smoke from the fire they survived.

Alabaster Community is carrying the Fourth Man into the fire reclaiming broken lives.

People are trapped out there and need others to help them pick up their broken pieces and rebuild their lives, their homes, their families. It takes time. It takes perseverance. It takes resources. It takes an act of God. It takes love. It takes a community where everyone does their part.

How We Help Addiction Recovery

Alaster’s purpose is to redeem captives of shame and prisoners of addiction. We help restore lives, reclaim identity, and rebuild community. We help change lineages of generational strongholds & dysfunction and replace them with blessings & righteous inheritance.

Our approach is holistic, meaning to get true healing you gotta tackle all the areas- mind, body, soul and spirit. Jesus is the answer to all of those. And He uses community to achieve it. The opposite of addiction is community. A community built around integrity and humility.

We believe

● Success is achieved through spiritual, physical, and mental strengthening.

● Identity is God-given, and the value of each person is as precious as the alabaster jar of perfume poured out on the feet of Jesus. Nothing can remove this value they hold inside.

● Each person has a unique destiny woven inside that is needed by the world around them. They have been beautifully designed by God for a purpose and it is never too late to become what is created within them to be.

● The key to lasting healing and sobriety lies in the hands of Jesus and our willingness to surrender our lives to Him. He is literally the answer to everything we need.

Alabaster is where shattered pieces come together.